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So my weight loss journey has taken about 2 years. I started off with eating less and somehow easily lost some weight. That number on the scale was my biggest motivation. After a while of course, it got harder. Recently I’ve been doing weight training and that’s helping me tone and get rid of the rest of the fat that I want to lose. Right now I feel happier and earthier then ever. Losing weight helped me gain so much confidence and so much knowledge about health and nutrition. My starting weight: 229 lbs My current weight: 156 lbs My goal weight: 138 lbs Height: 5’7 Instagram: smotevalli




Okay.. This takes a lot of courage to post.. the top is April 2013 and the bottom is right now, February 2014. i weighed 205, and now i weigh 138. I never realized how far i have actually come until now. People always ask how i did it, and all i say is exercise and eat healthy! And that its actually worth it in the end, your life is going to go on whether you workout or not, so you might as well :) I’m hoping to lose 15 more pounds, but im focusing a lot on toning :)

Check out the following poem, the passion is amazing, the talent is incredible. This is the author’s blog, seriously your dash sucks if you don’t have her on it

Let’s be honest here -
I am not the girl men fall in love with.
I am the girl that men want to fuck.
I am a conquest. A prize. A show.

I could count on five hundred fingers
the number of people that have professed,
“I like you. You’re different. You’re an interesting girl.”
Apparently I’m not fascinating enough for you
to want to hold for more than a one night stand.

as I finished swimming a sea of blankets
and got left stranded on the shore,
I asked myself:

What’s wrong with me?
What am I doing?
Am I not good enough for anybody?

And right before I could drown again,
the sun woke up and said,

"You are.
You are enough.
Forget the men whose hands have groped your hips
in search for answers to questions
you’ve never even heard of.
Do not settle for people who do not appreciate you,
who do not know how lucky they are.
Remember it is a privilege to be loved by you,
or even just
to be touched by you, and
the warmth of another body does not define your worth.

These men -
they think that they can own you
with their drunken stares and roughened arms, but
I have circled the earth
a thousand times
to feed the light flowing inside your skin.
Do not waste it by illuminating those who
can not even be bothered
to learn your last name.”

So that night when
the moon tried once more to pin me down,
I told him:

I am made of sunlight, crashing waves, and fireworks.
You think you can tame me
and cool my flesh?
I am the girl who plays with matches,
and trust me I play it well.
Lord knows I’ve walked through villages leaving
a pile of destruction in my wake.

My heart is a bushfire
and the next time you try to control me,
darling, make no mistake -

I will burst out and ravage you in flames.


(This isn’t a test.)

Sade Andria Zabala (surfandwrite) | For All The Girls With Messy Hearts, And To The Men Whose Skin Have Tasted Mine

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