Anonymous asked:
Hi, I love your blog. So i am 123.4 Ib and 5'2. well i don't look over weighted which i think i am not but my fat percentage is very very high. I cannot stop eating. Im gaining fat every they. What should I do ? Literally, i eat all the time..

What I do is literally just ask myself “is this worth it?” you have to find your self control :/

Anonymous asked:
Hi, I've put myself on a diet- I am eating half a bowl of museli for breakfast, nuts and a piece of fruit for lunch, and for dinner a palm-sized portion of meat and lots of vegetables. I am also exercising for at least 2 hours everyday. My mother is a bit concerned about if I'm being healthy- I am 25kg overweight for my height. Do you think I'm going too far? I only want to lose weight for myself, nobody else. Any feedback will be appreciated :) PS Your blog is totally amazing and ILY hope ur ok

I think that’s extreme dedication. As long as you feel ok, I think you’ll be fine. If you feel faint or weak then you might need to take it down a notch, but I wish I still had that dedication.

Anonymous asked:
I am extremely insecure about my own body and I've tried may things to go on a diet but I can't seem to stay with my plan. I get tired, sick and I don't see a different in my body so I get even more insecure about myself. Is there any suggestions you can give me? I really want to lose the fat in my body and the weight I carry. I really need inspiration and something that can get me going. Thanks

Well honestly you just have to find what makes you motivated. What makes you want to get up and go work out or something that makes you want to eat better? Take that and use it…put it everywhere and have it with you at all times. Gotta start somewhere!

Anonymous asked:
Hey, do you think you'll be changing your theme anytime soon? I love this blog but for some reason having to scroll through your posts horizontally is driving me nuts.

Damn. Lots of people love it, but lots of people can’t stand it lol. Guess I’ll change it soon.

We’re cool. You know it.

Anonymous asked:
I turned to your blog to help ME get thin and so far I've been dropping noticeable inches and it's inspired me with my health. I saw your post about prozac. I've kind of felt like a nutcase because I just started it because it was "highly recommended" because my post traumatic stress disorder is "very severe". I'm telling you because I want to say thank you for not only giving me a blog to help with my physical health, but for giving me a blog where I feel supported with my mental health as well


societykillscreativity asked:
Are you okay?

could be worse i guess. :/

thanks for asking :)


Anna and Stephen being adorable =)

:( so jealous.


another depressing moment here in my life.

just keep hitting low points. looks like i’m getting back on the prozac.