Oh look. I changed the source to give the woman in the photo her proper credit.
You go, honey.


Amazing :)

Anonymous asked:
I totally understand how you feel, and everything. But maybe, just for today, youtake a break from looking at these fake tanned, fake eyelashed, fake nailed, fake hair "women" who photoshop themselves to highhell, and concider that you're a motivated, intellgent, loved person. and they're someone NO BODY will ever want to take home to mom. (:

well, i think that was supposed to be a compliment to me…but you put down other people in the process…not worth it.

yaischillin asked:
hey there! just noticed that cinch diet on your page and i was wondering if you did it/howd it turn out for you? i read about it and am starting tomorrow, any tips?

dude, it was a little too intense for me. but my dad did awesome on it, and he lost a shit ton of weight. especially during the 5 day fast forward! good luck!!

asparklehereandthere asked:
where you ever scared to to a tumblr about loosing weight ? like bc of peoples opinions &comments bc you kinda inspire me to want to make one but im scared since im so self-concious . i love ur blog it stilll gives me hope ! :)

I was terrified! I honestly saw soooo many rude and just plain hurtful people on here that I didn’t do it for a while. But I finally just said screw it! Gets to a point when you can’t always listen to what people think. No matter what you do, there will always be someone who disagrees. Go for it!!!! :)

mmyuh asked:
Have you heard any success stories from the cinch diet?

Heck yes! My dad is a success story lol.

howtypicallyinexcusable asked:
Hello! Recently you had a girl under your favorite blogs. She always talked about wanting to be a porcelain doll. Can I get her URL if you still follow her?

The URL isn’t on that page anymore?

edit: (for the first comment) i have no fucking clue what URL she was talking about and i didn’t wanna be rude…thanks for commenting for NO PURPOSE.

Sad that it’s true.

nicely put.