This is 100% true.


not sure why, but i’m in one of those moods where i wanna fucking die.


Just trying to see if I’ve made progress. 




wow take me there

Anonymous asked:
I want to lose weight, but find it difficult to get started. My parents have offered me to hire a nutritionist or a personal trainer. I have access to nice gyms and am in a very fit and healthy minded area. What would be your recommendation to put me on the path to weight loss and success.

umm…all of the above lol.

Anonymous asked:
I love your blog! No offense, but it is difficult to slide it and be able to see all the posts/pictures. Sorry, I just thought I would give a suggestion. Take it or leave it. I don't mind haha. Not trying to offend you! Once again, i LOVE this blog!!!

taken care of! :D

Anonymous asked:
do you eat fast food sometimes? do you feel guilty? :(

randomly, and always :/

i literally feel bad WHILE i’m going to get it if ever. and normally it makes me turn around or just not do it.

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